Saturday, January 10, 2009

EK & Olivia

EllaKate and I were so happy to spend the day in Greenville @ Lynn and Olivia's house. We played, sewed, created slideshows (PSE6), crocheted, ate, shopped, and talked... a fantastic day!!! EK & O love each other so much and play like a dream- hardly a peep out of them except when they discovered styrofoam packing. They tore it into a million pieces and called it snow. We began cleaning it up and they about had a fit... "Please don't take our snow"... so we left it and they played in it all day- poor Lynn... we left such a mess. They played with every toy, watched a movie, and ate snacks all day. Are they just the cutest little pair???
We got home just in time for dinner.

EK & O


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