Friday, January 9, 2009

The Happy and the Sad

The Happy:
This morning I asked EllaKate if she would like me to sew her something to wear. "No", she said. Just a minute later, she went to my fabric drawer and pulled out a piece of fabric we had bought together and said, "Never mind. Can you make me my dress?". I went right to work, made the dress, and she put it right on. We had a happy morning and went to lunch with Scott (working from home). We came home and EllaKate went down for a nap and I went back to sewing...


The Sad:
All of a sudden, I heard The Cry... the one where you know they are hurt... I ran into her room and found a bleeding boo boo. I scooped her up and ran to show Scott. We both decided she might need stitches and drove her to the doctor. He gave us a choice of glue or stitches... not a hard decision considering I did not want her to go through the trauma of a shot. She still cried pretty hard when they cleaned and glued it, but calmed right down. You may be wondering how she did it. She was climbing out of her bed to get an outfit for her baby, tripped over her rocking chair, and hit her head on the corner. We had a big talk about getting out of bed without permission... she said she would call me next time. Whew!!! What a day.



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