Thursday, August 21, 2008

Max Thomas Martin

Today was one of the best days our family has had in a long time! We celebrated the birth of our sweet baby Max Thomas Martin, born @ 10:44am: 8.3 lbs and 21 inches. We all arrived at the hospital about 10 and expected to hear something pretty soon but Jason didn't come into the nursery with Max until about 11. When we saw he and Max, we were all in tears of happiness. What a miracle. We watched every move he made and watched Jason fall in love with his precious son. Amy did great during delivery and waited patiently while the nurses got Max ready to be moved to her room. We were all able to go back and spend time with them and I even got to hold him. EllaKate watched me so closely... she was pretty happy when Max went back to Jason and I took her back into my arms.

"For You created my inmost being; You knit me together in my mother's womb."
Psalm 139:13

I think some of the sweetest times today were when EllaKate would say things like... "I had a little head like that when I was a baby in China." and "I was a sweet baby when I was in China."- My mom and I talked today about when EllaKate was a baby and the difficult choice her birth mother made to let her go on her fourth day. My heart breaks for her but in the same breath I'm so thankful that she gave me the gift of the my precious China baby. I think EllaKate is already in love with little Max- I also think they will be the best of friends- she wanted me to tell her a story about she and Max tonight before she went to bed. I'm sure she is dreaming all about her new cousin!

Mom and I waited until the girls got out of school today to go to Athens. Amelia and Rosemary really wanted to see their new baby cousin! Is it possible for him to be cuter today than yesterday??? YES, he was adorable!!! He was laying in Jason's lap sound asleep.

Amy and Jason had a great day. Amy is starting to get her strength back and was up walking today. Jason is becoming a master at diaper changing, and Max is getting the hang of life as the baby of the family- sorry Jason- someone has taken your place. No more baby Jason, now baby Max!!! :)

We were all able to hold our precious baby today- even EllaKate- she was completely mesmerized by him! I think they will be very close!!!

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