Thursday, August 21, 2008

Back to College

Friday was a huge day for us because me sister was here to help get ready for Amy and Jason's shower on Saturday and Savannah was moving into her on campus apartment. We left about 8am and drove up to D. It was a beautiful drive and yes I did shoot that picture of Savannah's car when we were entering town. Her favorite thing about D. is the view when you top the mountain on the way in - breathtaking. We unloaded her belongings, checked in, and borrowed a Walmart cart to take it all up to the 4th floor. We made it in 2 loads and began organizing and decorating. We were pretty much done when her room mates started arriving. Each of Savannah's roommates are so sweet. Kristen is her roommate from last year and a good friend from high school. Caitlin is a friend she made in the dorm last year and she is from Canton. Andrea is a friend from high school and the dorm last year. They all moved into a campus apartment dorm where each girl has their own bedroom with two girls sharing a bathroom. They have a living room and kitchen. It is really nice and I think they will love living together! I thought this year would be a little easier to leave her but today I have a big lump in my throat and tears stinging the back of my eyes- it's ok to write all this because when she called last night, she said she missed me more this year than last. We became really close this summer because she was home working and came home for lunch everyday. EllaKate is missing her too- everytime she cried she begs for her 'nana'!!! We hope to go visit on Sunday!!!

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