Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Back to the Tour

Back to the tour... I am finishing up the downstairs today. EllaKate has her own bathroom that is right by her room. We used the same shower curtain here that we had at our other house I think it turned out good- I want to put a window treatment in there later.

Next is EllaKate's room. This room was orginally designed to be a sitting area off the master bedroom but we wanted EllaKate and later on Shaylee to be near us. We painted her room the same beautiful green from the kitchen and it is precious. She loves her room- we put her dolls, tent, books, and dress-up clothes in there so she spends a lot of time in there.

There is a short hallway down to the master bedroom. Next we come to the master bath and closet. We love the big shower and tub plus all the storage in the closet!

And here is our room- a wonderful get away from a busy day. We have a porch off our room that still needs furniture for us to be able to enjoy the space. This is the only room we did not repaint- we love the deep green color. I spend time here in the afternoons while EllaKate naps working at my desk on the computer and sometimes I sneak a little nap...

That completes the downstairs and I will try to post the upstairs tomorrow. If you think of a decorating idea you think would help our space, please feel free to share.

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