Friday, August 22, 2008

What is Corn Hole?

On Saturday we invited up two of Scott's very good friends (Don and Mike) from work and their families. It was a beautiful day with lots to do. Everyone arrived around noon, and after first intros and a look around, we all had lunch. Then out for a swim and a game of 'Corn Hole'.

Doesn't it sound like a game from Hartwell- not Atlanta- nevertheless, Mike and Don's families were very excited about introducing this amazing new 'Olympic' game:) to our family. Two teams were formed= Mike/Don against Scott/Amelia. What do you know- beginner's luck I guess- Scott and Amelia were the Corn Hole champs!!! What is corn hole? Two slanted boards with a hole that you throw bean(corn)bags toward in hopes it goes in the hole. 3 pts for in, 2 pts for hanging on side of hole, 1 pt for on board (cow paddy) with winner first to 21 playing best 2 out of 3. You can see the pic of Corn Hole champs.

We hung outside almost all day and enjoyed a great dinner @ my friend, Cyrise's restaurant Sibling's- Delicious!!! If you are ever in Hartwell, you HAVE to eat there!!! Then home for homemade ice cream, a visit to the farm, and then goodbyes were said. We sat on the sofa that evening, so happy to have had our home once again filled with good friends and new memories.

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