Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Last Day of Summer

Well technically not last day of summer but the last day of summer break... what a huge day we all had. Scott worked from home so he could be here for the big day. We were up and off early because Amelia had her driver's test @ 11 in Elberton. Savannah went to work as usual and we all went with Amelia. She didn't seem nervous at all. She went right out with the officer and did her thing- passed with a big 98- walked back in with a huge smile and said, "I passed!!!" You can just imagine how excited we all were for her! We walked out and Scott suggested we go to Cateechee for a celebratory lunch. Savannah met us and we enjoyed great family time!!!

The next order of business was a parking pass for Amelia so we dropped by the high school to get one and then practiced her route around the school into her assigned park. You can see the picture of her sitting in a lone park in the student parking lot. I then took her to the pump for a lesson on pumping gas- she did great using my check card :-).

Next we were off to Rosemary's school to pick up her schedule and meet the teachers. It was a great visit and I think R will have a great year again. I'm not sure the girls are ready to go back but it has come fast. I pray they will have a successful year of school!

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