Sunday, September 9, 2007

Sept First Friday

We were so blessed to travel to Loganville to the home of Tim and Lisa Watkins for the September First Friday. We were also blessed to spend time with Lucy, Sara, Lauren, and Ally just home from China (Doug @ football game). Ally was absolutely precious and really did well around so many people, especially since she was the highlight of the night!!! Lucy showed us a slide show of their trip and told us all about it. There were three families there waiting to get their referral and travel for first time so it was really great for them to hear about the trip. We were also so blessed to see the Zinn family with 5 children. two from China and paperwork on the way for a third! How wonderful to spend time with so many precious people who share the same amazing heart for adoption. Getting together with families such as these is one of my favorite things to do!!!

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