Tuesday, September 11, 2007

EK's a Big Girl

I decided this weekend Ella and I would give potty training a try this week since she has been dry most mornings when she woke up. She is so smart and I thought we might just see what happened. So... we went to Walmart and bought pull ups, princess panties, and skittles. Yesterday we just worked on her telling me when she needed to go potty. She didn't really get the concept. She went in her pull up and once on the potty but was not excited about it. This morning we had a slight break through- she said, "Potty mama, potty!" so we dashed to the potty and she had already gone. I praised her anyway because at least she knew what potty was. During our walk today she had her cup of water and drank a lot. When we returned home, I sat her on the potty while I took a bath right beside her. She sat until she went. We had a little potty dance of excitement and she got to sit in her princess chair and eat a 'potty treat'- skittles. Boy is she proud of herself and I am proud of her too! Hopefully in the next day or two, she will begin to tell me when she needs to go and we can move into just panties. We shall see.

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