Saturday, June 23, 2007

Savannah's INTRO to NG

On Sunday, we followed Savannah and her roommate, Kristen to North Georgia for INTRO weekend. We heard some informative talks about everything there is to know about NG. While we went to parent sessions, Savannah toured campus with a small group. She was so excited when we saw her right before we left. She gets to stay until Tuesday @ noon. She called today and I asked if she was homesick- she laughed and said NO! I love it here! Scott and I are so relieved that she loves it so much! We had a very peaceful feeling as we drove away on Sunday. I think come August 19 when we move her in for good, I might drive away crying my eyes out, but she won't see. I will be strong for her- she is ready for this new season of life.

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