Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy Birthday Savannah

Our Fourths will ALWAYS be happy because our first sweet daughter was born on that day 18 years ago. I remember the morning well. We got up around 5:30 and I was actually going downtown with Scott, but it was raining and my back was hurting. I decided to just hang out and wait on him to come back so we could head to Hartwell. Well... about 7:00am, my back was hurting worse and I called my neighbor who said we might need to go to the hospital. She did take me, I was admitted, and told I would have the baby that day. Boy did I panic... Scott finally found a payphone (back in the day when there were no cell phones), and there was no answer at home. He called my neighbor's house, and her husband told Scott I had gone to the hospital early that morning. He panicked then... He hopped in his truck and headed to the hospital. He was there by 10:30, sweaty, and needing a shower. He actually took one in the bathroom in my room and changed clothes. We had a beautiful baby girl @ 3:10pm and named her Savannah Lee Ankerich.

Now the tradition is to rise very early and go with Scott to the Peachtree Road Race. He has run it 23 years. There were years when I ran with him and one when Savannah ran with him. This year we spent the night with Jason and Amy and then went down with our good friends the Lopes family. Scott, Jeff, Morgan, and Jordan all ran together. They did very well!

After the race, we came back to Hartwell for more birthday festivities. We celebrated lunch with my family and dinner with Scott's family. We took the boat out too! It was great to be celebrating in our new town!!!

We took the girls downtown to celebrate Savannah's birthday @ Old Spaghetti Factory. Jason and Amy came along too. We usually eat pasta on 4th Eve so Scott will be carbohydrated for the Peachtree Road Race

What could be better than turning 18? Getting a new car for your 18th birthday!!! Scott and Savannah went looking for the car she wanted (black Xterra) for college, and they found it on Wednesday. Savannah called me from the dealership to say Scott had bought the car! We picked it up on Thursday after it was detailed. She has been so willing to run errands for me during the move.

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