Thursday, June 21, 2007

Our Anniversary Present

June 21st was our 21st wedding anniversary, so we took EllaKate to our Hartwell house to stay with my mom while we went away for the night. This was only the second night I have ever slept away from her. The other time being last year on our anniversary when she barely slept all night. This year was great! She slept in her bed all by herself, all night! What a sweet girl. We went to Snowbird Mountain Lodge, and we had a fabulous time. On the way, we went through Highlands and did a little shopping. I am always on the lookout for one particular thing and this year I found the perfect table for our kitchen in Hartwell to give me a little more cooking space. It is beautiful! While there I had the wildest thought of how great it would be to get our log in date for our anniversary. Well, we checked on Friday and did not see any news. Needless to say, I was a little disappointed but knew God knew when. This morning, Scott went into work and checked his mail first thing. Guess what? It was there plain as day- we just missed it. We had received an email on June 20th that said...

To: W. Scott & Sharon Ankerich
Re: CCAI Log-In Date & Packet

Congratulations! Your dossier has been logged in by the China Center of Adoption Affairs.

Your official dossier log-in date (LID) is: 6/20/2007.

What a great anniversary present!!! I was actually driving to Hartwell when Scott called to tell me and I could barely stay on the road from all the screaming we all did. We are officially waiting on sweet baby Shaylee now. That's not all!!! Our friends, the Hendry family, were logged in on June 20th too, so we will be getting a baby from the same province and traveling to China together. God is AMAZING!!! We are praising Him for this great news!!!

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