Monday, July 17, 2006

World Changers

Well, do you see Scott? Yes, that's him in the big hat. He said it had been great in keeping his head cool and protected from the sun. He was the crew encourager and he had a big job. Most of his crew was young middle schoolers and had never been to World Changers much less on a roof. They had a very big job to get done. The lady that lived there was so sweet and they really enjoyed getting to know her. The temp was very hot and hunid - Scott said the soles of their shoes melted while on the roof each day. They were all required to come down every few minutes and drink water to stay hydrated. It was a long week but a very rewarding one! Scott and the girls can't wait to go backnext year. Rosie, Ella, and I are wondering if we should go with them and ride around to hand out popsicles.... we missed them way to much!!! Glad they are home, the laundry is done, and Scott is back to work. Rosemary has Summer Music workshop beginning today. She has a part and solo with a performance Sunday evening. We are looking forward to it. Then Monday, we are off on VACATION!!!!!

Savannah had a great week!!! This was Savannah's fifth World Changer trip and she said this group of people was her favorite so far. Her group also roofed a house. They were able to finish on Thursday and help other groups. Her crew chief told her that she was in the top four girls he had ever had on his crew in all the years he had been doing World Changers. What a blessing!!!

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