Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Look What EK Can Do

Tonight while I was cooking dinner, I noticed Ella Kate had gotten awfully quiet. I looked over and did not see her, but I could hear her rattling some paper. I walked over to the family room, and she was sitting in the big chair looking at my magazine. Of course, I had to see her do it myself, so I grabbed the camera and had her show me how she could get in the chair. Well... take a look. I also got the video camera out too. I will have to make sure she sits still while she is reading.

As many of you know, Ella Kate has not liked her crib from day one, so we took it down this weekend and bought her a twin mattress. It is in our room on the floor, and she has slept on it both nights as well as naptimes. She will stay on the floor until she learns to stay in her bed until we get her - so far so good. She sits and waits for us to get her. She is sleeping very well, although I miss her sleeping close to me every night. Oh well, she still wants me to hold her until she goes to sleep!!! She is a precious baby!!!

Savannah is away this week in Clarkston, GA to help with day camp for refugees that live there. She has done this for five years and loves it so much! Amelia is home helping me with Ella Kate. Rosemary is going to Summer Music Workshop every day. All the kids are learning a musical in one week and will perform on Sunday evening @ 6pm. Rosemary has a solo and a speaking part. Ella Kate is home walking and climbing everywhere. Scott is back at work and had 600 emails to go through this morning. I am so happy to be home and taking care of everyone!!! Blessed beyond belief!!!

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