Saturday, July 15, 2006

Off to Marcia's

We all loaded up on Monday and went by to pick up my mom in Hartwell. We were off to Summerville, SC to visit my sister, Marcia. She lives there with her husband, Chris and two children, Rebecca and Samuel. They live only about 45 minutes from Folly Beach. Chris' mom and dad have a beach house there, so we went down for the day. The big kids had a ball! Ella Kate loved playing in the pool and sitting out on the deck looking out at the ocean. I didn't want her to experience the beach and ocean without Scott and the girls. We will all go to the beach week after next. We had a great time and it helped pass the week as we wait for Scott and the girls to get back from World Changers.

Rosemary, Rebecca, and Samuel loved playing in the sand at Folly. They dug holes and buried their feet all afternoon.

We went by the store on the way to the beach and bought Ella Kate her very on pool. We didn't want to take her to the beach without Scott and the girls, so she stayed at the house and played. She loved it! We will take it to Mrytle Beach when we go week after next.

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