Thursday, March 30, 2006

Old Towne Chongqing

Today we went on a tour of the old town where many shop keepers sell wonderful Chinese items. We were able to buy Ella Kate and Rosie Chinese outfits. Ella Kate will wear hers for the official baby picture tomorrow. We walked for about 2 hours, looking, bargaining, and buying. This was one of the places where the prices were not fixed. We were able to barter the prices. The owner types on a calculator of the price they want. We would clear and type what we would give, always bartering low. They always laughed and put in a new price. We would continue until we both agreed or we walked away. If we walked, they would follow with a better price. It is sometimes fun and sometimes annoying. All in all, a great day.

We then boarded the bus, and rode to a beautiful area called the People's Building. This building is on a plate the orphanage gave us on Ella Day, so it was great to get a picture of this building. There were many Chinese people there enjoying the day. Some are happy that we have Ella Kate, but there were some that bickered at us about her. We have two wonderful CCAI reps that were with us and would translate what the people were saying. One lady went on and on about us already having three daughters, and why would we want a Chinese baby. Anita, our rep told them we love the Chinese people and we love our baby Ella. She finally took that as a good answer but continue to follow us around. We are stared at every where we go so we have gotten used to it.

We loaded back up and went back to the hotel. We dropped off our purchases and headed for Pizza Hut for our lunch/dinner meal. We just snack the rest of the day. We are all relaxing and playing with Ella Kate now. The girls are working on homework and I have to go and change a stinky diaper. Who would think I would LOVE to change diapers but I DO!!!!!!

We continue to fall more and more in love with Ella everyday!!! She is a sweet, happy, and loving baby. Thanks to everyone for reading our blog and praying for us!!!

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