Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Chongqing Zoo

Hello! I have been trying to load pictures for about an hour and a half now. They finally loaded and I could write about today. Yesterday was a total rest and bonding day. We ate breakfast and then hung out in the room all morning, allowing the girls to work on some homework. In the afternoon, we ventured out to the grocery and to get Ella Kate some shoes.

The cool thing about shopping here is everything is in the same building. The grocery is on the bottom floor, and the other floors are like a dept. store, with the baby things being at the top. We went upstairs to buy Ella a pair of shoes. We bought the cutest pink pair and then later we bought a white pair. She loves playing with them.

Today, we went down for breakfast and then met our group in the lobby @ 9:30 for a trip to the Chongqing Zoo. We road a bus for about 20 minutes and then took a 2 hour walk through the zoo. The greatest part was the pandas and the tigers. I carried Ella Kate in the snuggly and she really had fun.

We also went to an Art Gallery and watched a demonstration of how Chinese art is made: painting on rice paper and silk embroidery. We plan to buy some pieces at Old Towne tomorrow.
We also took a bus tour through the city and saw where the two big rivers in Chongqing meet. Ella Kate's Chinese name means Twin River, so it is thought that she is named for these two rivers. We took a picture for her.

We made it back to the hotel and everyone took a nap. We were able to sent our laundry out for a local lady to do. We picked it up at 5:00 and then went to a Japanese restaurant for dinner. It was really good. We are all eating really well. We have eaten authentic Chinese food three times. Chongqing food is the spicest so far.

We all continue to love every minute we are here. We love being outside to be around all the people who live here. They walk up to us and touch Ella Kate. They stop and stare as we all walk by, mainly because Scott is wearing shorts. We are having to keep Ella Kate in lots of clothes because the older women here think babies should be in three layers. We are trying to follow the rules. So far, so good. We are going on a tour of Old Towne Chongqing tomorrow. Until then... goodnight.

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