Friday, March 31, 2006

Group Photo

Today was another rest and bonding day. We got up at the usual time of 6:00am for a bottle. We played awhile and got a bath, then we woke up the big girls. We all got dressed and went down for breakfast. We ate with some friends from our group. We came back up to the room for a little while and decided to go out for a while. We walked a new way and found a beautiful open air mall. We looked in many stores and shops. Rosie found some cute capris. We were hungry and you guessed it, we ate lunch at Pizza Hut. We have eaten there at least once every day since we got here. Ella took a long nap before we had to be down in the lobby for group pictures. You can see the pictures we took. It was quite a scene to get all the babies on a sofa and take pictures. As you will see, Ella did very well. She has already gotten used to all the pictures we take. We are going to dinner tonight with our group in the hotel. We have a 6:00am wake up call, 7:00 breakfast, 8:00 luggage out and we are on the bus to airport by 8:30. We will leave for Guangzhou @ 10:30. it is only an hour and a half flight. We will have time to get settled before night. We will meet a new CCAI rep there and get ready for the final leg of paperwork to be finished before we head state side. We are excited about Guangzhou because there will be so many families there with their new babies. All adpoting families must go there to finalize everything. We actually have some friends flying there as well on Monday and will get their baby on Tuesday or Wednesday. We will get to see them. It will be so wonderful for our girls to meet for the first time in China. We hope they can be lifelong friends when we all get home to the US.

I wanted to tell all our friends at Duncan Creek that we decided as a family that we would take the candle wishes you all wrote with us to China. We brought them to read each day that we had Ella Kate. On Ella Day, we read the first and the second day we read 2 and so on. We have added a wish each day. We think we will have read them all by the time we get home. They have all been such a precious blessing to each of us. We love you all and hope to see you when we get home!!!

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