Saturday, March 25, 2006

March 25

Today was another day of touring. We woke up about 6am, got ready, and went down for breakfast. We left our hotel @ 8:30 and head toward the Great Wall. On the way, we stopped at a Jade Factory. Jade is mined in great amounts in China. We were able to see workers making sculptures and jewelry. It was fascinating because these people sit in one spot all day to work on such tedious work. We were amazed. We were able to buy the girls each a jade bracelet and also a jade pendent that I will wear for Ella Kate until she is old enough to wear it, and then I will give it to her.

We then headed to the Great Wall of China. That was the most amazing work!!! We were able to climb the wall up for about 20 minutes - straight up!!! The steps were very steep and we held on for dear life. The girls zoomed right up - Scott and I were behind but we made it. We took some wonderful pictures!!!

We went to another Chinese restaurant for lunch and saw another factory that makes vases and tea sets. We bought a vase and tea set - beautiful works of art! We left there and made our way to the Tombs of Ming Dynasty. There were many stone sculptures to view. We did a lot of walking throughout the day. We finally made it back to the hotel, put our things away, and hailed a cab. We took the girls to Hardrock Cafe for dinner and to get a Beijing t-shirt. We made it back about 8:00 and got ready for bed. Of course, I am on this computer trying to get pictures on so everyone can see what is going on.

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