Sunday, March 26, 2006


We are now in Chongqing, the province where Ella Kate lives. She is in an orphanage about 10 hours away. We are pretty sure we will not get to visit because it is so far and the roads are being worked on. We met our new CCAI rep today when we arrived at the airport, and her name is Marie. She is very nice and helpful. She gave all the families a packet of info including a list of things the orphanage told her about Ella Kate.

We know:

  • The orphanage has told her she is getting a family
  • Her physical development is average
  • She hasn't had any serious illnesses or injuries
  • She has no allerigies to food or medicine
  • She has had cold medicine
  • Her immunizations are up to date
  • She eats at 6am, then every four hours and at 4pm she is fed rice or congee
  • She drinks milk formula and rice cereal
  • She drinks from a bottle
  • She has no teeth or ear problem
  • She sleeps by herself in her own crib
  • She can sleep through the night but may need a bottle if she wakes up
  • She naps from 12 to 2
  • She wears diapers and is not potty trained
  • She likes to smile and is OK with strangers
  • She gets excited if you play with her or hold her
  • If she is upset, hold her ot give her a bottle for comfort
  • She cries when she is hungry or had on a dirty diaper
  • She is used to a nickname: Li Shuang Jiang (We may call her Li Li)
  • She doesn't speak a lot but she can say Da Da (Scott liked that!!!)
  • She can sit up and crawl, but can't stand up alone
  • She likes to play outside and her favorite toy is a toy car
  • Her favorite nanny is Ping Jia You
  • There was no note with her and her birthday is not for sure - it is estimated
  • It's hard to know her family background from the clothes she wore or by the place she was found

We went to a meeting at 3:30 to fill out all the paperwork for tomorrow's registration. It took about two hours. We then met our group in the Chinese restaurant for dinner together. We are so excited to hold her and love her forever!!! This time tomorrow, we will celebrate Ella Day!!! Praise the Lord!!! Praise the Lord!!!

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