Monday, March 27, 2006

EK is Here!

We can barely breathe, she is SO beautiful!!! We got to the registration building before the babies, so we had to wait. The minute they got there, we knew Ella right away. She was third in line. She was being carried by a man, and walked over and sat her in a chair and left her there. WELL.... I started snapping pictures like crazy!!! She was precious. We had to wait until the last to get her but that was great because we could watch all the other families get their babies.

They called our names and we all went up to get her. She came right to us and smiled so big. She loves us all and laughed and played the whole time we were there. She did not want her bottle and loved all the toys. We brought her blanket and she took it right away - she snuggled it all the way home.

We came home and let her play for a while. We then gave her a bath after we took the three layers of clothes off she had on. I can't wait for you to see the little shirt that was the second layer - probably been washed a thousand times - worn out!!! I will cherish it always!!! She is now in a little pink warm up suit - still three layers and.... a white headband!!! It feels like she has been an Ankerich girl!!! What do you think???

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