Friday, March 24, 2006

Day of Touring

We got up around 5:30am, because we couldn't sleep any longer, and went down for breakfast. The food was delicious. We all met in the lobby and loaded a bus to drive to Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City. We walked for about two and a half hours. The most exciting thing to happen there was an arrest made when two ladies tried to cross a gate. The ladies were loaded into a van and taken away. Everywhere we turned, Chinese people tried to sell us stuff. We were haggled the whole day. We finally learned the Chinese way to say no.... Boo!!!

We then went to a very beautiful restaurant for lunch. We had many Chinese dishes. Everything was very good and we were ready to move on. We loaded the bus once more and drove to the best part of the day. We went on a tour of Hutong area of Beijing- flat houses of the poorer people. We rode in a ricshaw which is a little cart peddled by a Chinese man. We were able to go inside a real Kindergarten and then into a home where a very nice family lived. We all, 48 people, crowded into the extremely small house and she talked to us through a translator. We were able to ask questions and then walk through the house. We rode around the rest of the area and then loaded the bus for one last adventure. We were taken to a Chinese acrobatic show. It was amazing to say the least. We were all so tired, we could barely stay awake. We got back to the hotel, took showers, and ordered room service. We are ready to hit the sack!!!

Tomorrow, we will be going to the Great Wall of China, the Tombs of Ming, and silk/jade markets. We hope to get the girls a strand of pearls and a jade bracelet. We will see if we can stand the haggling and get a good price. You never pay what the people ask for - they will come down when you start to walk away. We are one day closer to Ella Kate. The other really great part of the day was when we were at the restaurant, a big group of people came in with their babies and we all could not quit watching them. It was so wonderful!!! We can't wait for our day to come - Ella Day - March 27!!!

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