Thursday, December 29, 2005

News: Good or Not so Good

Today, we read an update on the CCAI website that some April matches had been mailed. CCAI is unsure of how many days are included. There was a rumor on one maillist that the referrals only go to April 20. That would mean ours is not in the batch. A CCAI representative has predicted that the rest of April referrals will come sometime in late January. I cannot imagine that they have only matched 6 days worth but it looks that way. There was talk that the end of April was extremely heavy and this has made it take so long for the matches to be made. I'm not sure what to believe. I will continue checking the CCAA website in China for further updates and hope for the best. I keep telling myself that we will get Ella in God's perfect timing and I still believe that with all my heart!

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