Friday, December 23, 2005

New Fingerprints

We have a LID (Log in Date) of April 27. We were required to have fingerprints during the long paper chase. They will expire March 3 and we are not sure we will be back in US by that date; therefore, we must have them redone. We are sending our money and request today and hopefully will get an invitation to come to the office very soon.

As I have read my yahoo maillists this morning, there have been rumors within other agencies around the US that CCAA will be processing only the rest of April referrals in January. They report we should know by January 4. Who knows? There is also reports that the CCAA office in China is moving the first few days of January and everyone is hoping the referrals will be mailed before they move so there will not be a delay. If there would be a good time to wait, it would be now. The Christmas season is my favorite time of the year and it is fun to have something so wonderful to look forward to in January!!! Can't wait to see our precious Ella Kate!!!

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