Saturday, December 31, 2005

The Newest Update

Happy New Year's Eve! I am feeling better today. We were able to renew our fingerprints yesterday so that is updated now. We have a 15 month extention. I have already been online today reading the newest posts on my maillist and this is the newest prediction:

THIS IS FROM THE APRIL BOARD: My agency has been with a skeleton crew these past couple of weeks.I called and left a message on Monday, asking for the director of our agency to get back to me with any info. She was unaware of the latest set of referrals because we have no-one in our group that has a LID between April 15 and April 25.She contacted her coordinator in China (in direct contact with CCAA) and he got back to her today.The news I got back from her was that CCAA wanted to send out something before the first of the new year, so they sent out this current small batch. Then, immediately after sending this current batch, CCAA went to work on the next batch of referrals.According to my agency's director, we are to expect another Stork Alert during the first week of January. The referrals will be from April 25-May 12 LIDs, and agencies should get them by the second week of January.Keep in mind two things....First, my agency's director is very tight lipped, so I believe her when she says anything at all. It's also a smaller agency for what it's worth, but the China Coordinator is from China and lives there full time.Second, obviously, CCAA can do anything and not follow this projected schedule, so nothing is set in stone till the referrals are on their way.I might be taking it all back in two weeks, so don't flame me if I'm wrong...I'll just sit quietly in the corner and eat my words. But I thought I'd pass on what I was told by my agency director.

Needless to say, I now have another moment on which to wait! I know the Chinese New Year celebration lasts through the first half of February, so all adoption business is shut down. We are not sure how that will affect our travel date. I am certainly not worried about that right now!!! I just want to see her face, and be able to send her some things from our family. Thanks for your continued prayers as we wait for our sweet little Ella Kate!

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