Monday, June 6, 2011

Will is Real!

I have written this post in my heart and head about a million times
but something different comes out each time.

How do you come out and say we NEED help
except to just come right out and say it.
I wrote two posts about how Will came to be our son
We were not looking for him
and really thought when we came home with SJ
we were done.
God had different plans!!!

Even though God chose us to be Will's family,
there were and are many reasons why we could have said no...
why in the world's view it didn't make sense to adopt again~
there is no extra money with two adoptions
and a major heart surgery/dental surgery.

Many people would say that should tell you something right there
but how do you tell God no?
We couldn't!
And we couldn't live knowing we had a son in China
and left him there.
We have to go get him~ we LOVE him!!!

All we know is that Will is Real
and he is waiting on us to come get him FOREVER!!!
I know and believe it is God's will
with every fiber of my being!!!
This little precious boy needs his Forever Family
and we need him!

SO we are asking for help...
1. Please pray for us and the provision we need to get to China!
2. Please place an order and allow me to sew for you!
3. Maybe you don't feel the call to go and adopt but want to help us,
we would appreciate a donation by clicking our Donate button!
4. Maybe you have an item you would be willing to donate to us
to sell on Craig's List or in a yard sale.
5. Maybe you have ideas for fundraising we haven't thought of~
we are at a loss for ways to raise provisions.

Won't you pray about a way you can help???
I remember when we finally accepted this call for Will,
Scott said it will take a God sized miracle for us to adopt him.
Won't you be a part of this miracle???
We know God has called us to this mission
and we are committed with our whole heart!!!

It our prayer that God bless you all
with every good and perfect gift from above!!!
(James 1:17)

Ephesians 3:20-21
Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine,
according to His power that is at work within us,
to Him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations,
for ever and ever! Amen.

Adoption Update~
While away on vacation,
our I797 came SO
I made it to a notary, county clerk of court, and secretary of state
all today to have our documents certified.
Tomorrow I will send them off to Houston to be authenticated
and then hopefully to China very soon for a new Log In Date.
Then the real wait begins~ probably 3 months...
thinking we will travel sometime in October~
hopefully by Will's birthday on Oct 17!!!


  1. So happy for your approval. And of course our family will be praying for your financial needs to be met! This is about God not us as you well know and he will provide all you need! Hugs sweet friend!

  2. Will keep you in my prayers. We serve an awesome God and he knows our needs. God bless you and yours!

  3. Praying for you. He is such a cutie :)

    In what sort of time frame will you need the money? If you don't mind me asking.

  4. Praying for you. Have you considered Wild Olive, Ordinary Hero or 147 million fundraisers? I've often thought about it and never done anything but our agency says that one family paid for an entire adoption by selling cookbooks. It will happen!

  5. I would love to offer you a Thirty one fundraiser. I love doing these for adoptive can email me for more info

  6. My husband and I sold t-shirts and necklaces from 147 Million Orphans. It was a great fundraiser! It might be worth checking out! I bet your older girls could sell a lot of t-shirts and necklaces to their friends!

    God Bless!

  7. I follow a blog that used

    It was a HUGE success!!!

    I would be happy to donate FOUR pillows, similar to the ones I made for you during Shaylee Joys adoption!

    Just let me know IF you would like to use them and if so...when ???

    Also, Sweet Sharon I am praying mightily for you & ALL yours!!!

  8. Hi Sharon,
    Although we don't have spare $ due to our own pending adoption,
    1. I have had a link to your sewing on my own web page for a few weeks now. You never know when someone might be inspired to buy, but I'll post a reminder.
    2. I'm not sure how you feel about gambling and whether or not it contradicts your faith (although adoption is a big gamble itself), but here is something I did: a cash calendar, for one month, with differing payouts for each day. Mine was in April of last year, so big payouts were on tax day, Easter, Good Friday, stuff like that. I sold each calendar for $10 but you could sell them for $20. The result was that I had several people who said they didn't really want a calendar, but here's a donation, and others who told us to keep their winnings. My carpool mate had her kids help her sell them as their Lent service project.
    3. Again, on the gambling thing, what about a poker tournament? If Scott and/or your son in-law play, they could host it, you and the girls could serve food, etc. Half the take goes to the "house". I don't play, by the way, but I've dealt cards at poker for charity tournaments.
    Best of luck. Will is worth it!

  9. Shay, I believe it will happen and sweet Will is going to be in your arms!!! Yes he is real and yes you're supposed to be his mamma.

    I think you've received some great recommendations for fund raisers. I will help too by doing a blog post for you if that's okay.
    I'll be donating to your adoption fund this month.

    Praying that the financial part of this comes through...He called you to adopt this little boy and He will provide!

    big hugs my friend,

  10. you know that this will all work itself out. I will do my best to make a donation in the near future. We too are waiting for the process to happen but not in your short time frame!


    PS. please let me know if there is anything else I can do!

  11. Shay,

    I love all the great ideas shared! I want to help and could definitely donate time to any project you come up with. Please let me know.

    I've been praying for you and I know God WILL provide!!

    xo ellie

  12. Yippeee on your approval! Your dossier is so close to DTC now!

    On fundraising, no new ideas than the ones listed above from others but I agree w/ prayer, it always brings me the most peace in my heart.
    I am praying for Will's journey to your family too and I cannot wait to see what is in store!

  13. It will all fall into place just like it did with EK and SJ! We are praying!