Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Bravest 3 Year Old I Know!

While we were at the beach,
Amelia was able to help SJ start jumping from the side of the pool.
She LOVES going under and will say again about a million times.

Today she was out in the pool with Amelia
and guess what she began doing???
Jumping off the diving board!!!

Slow motion shots...

SO SO SO proud of our second little fish!!! :)


  1. so proud of SJ, Madeline jumped the first time this morning:)

  2. Yay for SJ! That is awesome! Loved the video and can't believe she's come that far already. Maybe Max will do it after seeing her do it! :>)

  3. Oh, that was so precious to watch! But I have to say I was just as amazed at EK in the DEEP end!


  4. She is so awesome! Her fearlessness reminds me of Briana. :D