Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Joyful Heart for Will Adoption Blog

When I posted on Monday Will is Real,
I had several donation offers for an auction blog.
I have spent the better part of today
revamping ShayleeJoy's Joyful Heart auction blog
to make it Will's.

I am excited to reveal
A Joyful Heart to Will Adoption Blog
is up and ready for donations.

When you click to our website,
you will see our button and code in the sidebar.
We would LOVE for you to get the code
and add our button to your blog sidebar.
We would also appreciate any FB posts or Twitter tweets.
Any way you can spread the word will make the auction
more successful and known.
If you have an item to be auctioned,
please email me @

I was so excited to have been on FB just a little while ago
and saw a new photo of Will!
Who cares that his eyes are closed...
isn't he still adorable!!!
(In the red, white, and blue striped shirt)


  1. Sharon,
    How do I add it to my blog?? obviously not very computer savvy:)

  2. Added :) Im so excited to see this miracle happen again :)

  3. "Let's get this party started!!!" Will is waiting and God is going to move mountains to bring him home. I can't wait to see how!

  4. How precious! And my what a cutie he is!!

  5. How nice to get a picture of him with all his little pals!