Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Terrific Tuesday~

Terrific to see the brown truck
coming down the drive with this...
my NEW external hard drive
loaded with every SiNgLe one of my lost images!!!

And you know what I began doing immediately???
Backing them up with Carbonite~

China images on my thumb drive,

and then to DVDs!!!
NOT taking any chances with them ever again!
SO thankful to have them all back!!! :)

look what I found in someone's picasa album today~
baby pics of Will...
what a precious little face!!!

Playing peek-a-boo!


  1. Oh Sharon! I'm so glad that they all came back...and oh my goodness, the pics of Will are darling! Go and get him!!!!!

  2. Will was such a cute baby. I love his eyebrows! How wonderful to have these pictures.

    I think that poster was right when she said that Will resembles Scott. There is something about the shape of their faces that is similar.

  3. glad all is well in your picture world again!

    Adorable baby pictures! Adorable.


  4. How pricelss to have your pictures back AND baby pics of Will! Do you follow babeofmyheart.com? She just publically announced they are waiting for a daughter from China!

  5. So happy your pictures are saved!
    And Will's baby pictures are just precious, what a treasure for you.

    Have a JOYOUS week!

  6. Yay to alllll your pictures!!! What a blessing to see Will at a younger age, he is just precious...I want to kiss his little cheeks!!!
    Have a wonderful week!!!!

  7. Oh my goodness...hadn't seen those pics of Will before either...he was such a cutie patootie baby!

  8. SO HAPPY you got your pictures restored!! Scott loves you so much! itbwas SO worth it!

  9. And what a CUTE baby sweet Will was!! You are so blessed with those!

  10. What an amazing day - all your photos back and backed up! and baby pictures of Will! YAY!

    Enjoy every moment of the next 2 days!!!

    xo ellie

  11. Hi Sharon,

    Could you share what company you used to retrieve your photos from your crashed hard drive?

    What a beautiful family you have...can't wait to follow your journey to Will!

    In Christ Love!

  12. Karen,
    The only way to contact you was add another comment so I hope you come back and look. I used http://datarecovery.com/. It is not cheap but worth every cent to me!!!