Monday, May 2, 2011

Savannah's Dress...

Is so beautiful and hanging in her room.
Picking it up today was our main errand
and we got it!!! YAY!!!

The littles played a little DS while waiting

and then SJ walked over and began working
on Savannah's train. :)
I think the Royal wedding really had an influence of her...

Once the dress, veil, and sash were steamed~
we were off!

Savannah and I both said we were SO happy
we were picking up instead of going in to find a dress!!!
Four days and counting! :)


  1. No sneak peek?! Has Josh seen it yet? Cant wait!

  2. I was hoping for a sneak peak too! I guess we will see it as she is getting in the car to the ceremony?? ok I have been watching too much of the Royal Wedding also :)

    HOW EXCITING!!! I cannot imagine how you are feeling right now - but I can guess :)

    enjoy every moment of all the excitement!

    xo ellie
    ps Savannah is going to be a gorgeous bride!!!

  3. the BEST day is picking up the dress.


  4. EXCITING!!! I am sooo looking forward to all of these wedding pics you will post!!!! Congratulations!!!! Love your family!

  5. Oh you must be beyond excited at this point in time. Looking forward to seeing and reading all about your daughters special day!

  6. Our anniversary is Friday the 6th ... and with all the Royal Wedding stuff it truly brings back so many little and big memories. It is such a special time for the family. Praying the day is memorable and beautiful! Oh yes, and congratulations on Will! I never commented on your announcement, but HOW exciting! You are very blessed!

  7. What an exciting day! I can't wait to see the dress!

    As always, the littles look adorable in their matching dresses!

    I'm behind! I am going back to catch up!

  8. Yay!! Can't wait to see pics of the dress on the bride!!!!!