Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Reception

Once the wedding started,
I wasn't able to get any photos...
it was time to just be in the moment!
An amazingly surreal moment I might say~
to see this precious couple come together in Christ...
Scott and I had no tears throughout the whole day
(that all changed Sunday:)
due mainly to the busyness of the day
and just how FUN it was to be with family and friends at our house. :)
And to see the fruition of all the work
we had put into our home and yard!

The following shots were shared with me by Jennifer,
Josh and Savannah's sister-in-law.
The Reception began with the parents and wedding party being introduced
then Josh and Savannah headed to the dance floor for their first dance
and to give us all the biggest surprise of the evening...

Their sweet friends Brian and Maggie spent a couple of hours one night
teaching them some dance steps
and J&S practiced about a month for their big debut~ This Crazy Life...

The Video!!!

Josh's roommate Jim and his band played
and they were amazing!!!
Everyone LOVED dancing~ especially the kids!

The tables looked beautiful~

J&S left around 10 while we all waved sparklers in celebration!

We were thankful to have John Daniel and Drew here
driving golf carts and moving chairs~
got a sweet pic of him and Amelia...

This was a cute pic to end the night...
a bobby pin train~
Amelia had about 50 in her hair...

I think we finally hit the pillow about 1am~
once we knew J&S were safe and sound @ the Westin.
They left Atlanta Sunday around 3p, for Maui
and are having the time of their lives!
SO thankful their dream continues to unfold~ SO happy for them!!!


  1. Well, I dont know about you, but I have boo hoo'd every day reading your posts. I just admire your family so much. Simply gorgeous- inside and out.

  2. No one fell in the pool? I guess that only really happens on TV!

  3. I get the joy of seeing Daniel and Ms. Barbara at preschool when she drops him off and he still had the biggest smile on his face when he told me how he rocked it on the dance floor! :) SO CUTE!! Thanks for sharing the day with so many of us.

  4. Love it. That top pic is gorgeous. So happy for them and for your whole family!

    Now you have a son-in-law and a son!!!

  5. This is so cute! Your pics are amazing!! Their dance was adorable. Did he sing to her? Didn't you say that he was a singer?

  6. Oh my word! I love, love, love this post -- the adorable video, the beautiful lanterns in the trees, the sparklers, the tables! What an amazing night! I hope we get to see some pictures from Hawaii sometime! So happy for your sweet girl!

  7. I love all the field pictures with the horse pasture in the background...of course, that could just be the Texan in me! LOL! You've given me an idea for my girls weddings. :)