Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Outside Wedding Photo Shoot

We have lived in our house almost three years this summer,
lived across the street from a fence and field,
and never thought of shooting photos there...
guess where Catherine took the wedding party to shoot?
The field!!!
It was beautiful!!!

I tried to stay our of Catherine's (the pro!) way
so took photos from the background~

SJ was SO happy to finally have her white dress on...

EK loved her's too but not so happy about the tall grass~

We followed Savannah around~

Sam helped SO much~

When we were all finished,
we headed back across the street so the boys could have a turn.
LOVE this photo of Amelia and Rosie holding Savannah's dress!!!

We did get a few family shots as well~

Love how Max just took it all in~

Just SO beautiful and happy!!!~

The Boys~

I love the photos I shot SO
I know I will LOVE the ones Catherine shot!!!
Can't wait!!!


  1. So very beautiful!!!! Hugs!

  2. everyone looks lovely.

    I love all the dresses. and the MOB looks fab! Your dress is so cute.


  3. sharon, so fun to see this special event! congratulations to you all!

  4. I simply adore the picture of SJ from behind holding up her dress!! Poor Ella, I could feel her pain about the grass. I laughed out loud at sweet Max in the chair! SO cute!!

    ~ Lynn

  5. These are so beautiful Sharon. I bet it was so hard to stay back and watch the photographer do her job. I would have been jumping to get in there and take pics too. Your girls looks so gorgeous. Love the family photo. You look so happy.... :-)

  6. Olivia just saw EK and JingJing and said "i think they are wearing marry dresses!"

    ~ Lynn

  7. Absolutely beautiful! I love looking at your pictures!

  8. Love this! I was looking forward all week to seeing pictures. What a special day. God is doing amazing things in your family. Just beautiful.

  9. Stunning in all ways Shay!!! wow!

    Love the dresses, calla lillys, and YOUR dress is beautiful!!! Everyone looks extremely happy.


  10. I can't wait to see the pro pics either! I just love outdoor weddings! We have a horse field down the road from us and some of the best pics I have taken have been there. Be sure to try at dusk this summer with the girls!

  11. That field is gorgeous! Great shots!! Can't wait to see what your pro got too!

  12. I love the family picture with everyone smiling. Scott looks very dashing in his navy suit. Did you manage to keep the groom from seeing the bride before the wedding?

  13. I love the colors she chose. The girls are gorgeous and the men look so handsome. Can't wait to see them all together!

  14. g.o.r.g.e.o.u.s.!!!!

    I'm looking forward to Catherine's photos too!

    xo ellie
    ps I agree with Gail, I LOVE your dress too!

  15. That field is perfect! I love, love, love these pictures! The gals looked beautiful and the guys looked handsome too! The littles look adorable in their white dresses!

  16. Sharon,
    What a gorgeous day!!!!!!! Everyone looks fantastic!! The bride was exquisite and she looked so perfectly ready and happy!!! LOVE the colors she chose for the bridesmaids!!! And, oh my the dresses on the lovely flower girls are so great. I love the neckline and cut out sleeve!!!! And, the Mother of the Bride looked stunning! GREAT dress for you!!! I am so happy you had a perfect day! Congratulations on gaining a son!!!!

  17. Congratulations to a new couple!!! May they live in happiness forever and ever:) The wedding was stunningly beautiful. Thanks for sharing this precious moment!!!