Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Last Moments Before the Wedding

While Catherine shot the groom's side photos,
we had some down time before the wedding began.

My two sisters~ Marcia and Amy...

Memommy and SJ got Adelyn to sleep~

Max had a snack~

Savannah was SO calm and happy~

She had a seat on the floor in my room...
she and Josh never saw each other the whole day~

We took the chance to get a few more photos~

Just plain adorable!!!~

Another sweet thing about having the wedding at home
was all the sweet people that came back to see everyone...
didn't get pics of everyone but got this one of Pam~

About 5:50, we all lined up for the big processional~
butterflies in my stomach and SO happy for this dream to come true!!!


  1. I love how you are posting the different parts of the whole wedding, priceless!! Thinking of you this week and praying:)

  2. Beautiful inside and out!! You must be so proud of all your girls :)

  3. Thank you for sharing these precious pictures. They are all beautiful. I love all the dresses, but especially yours, perfection. My littlest asked if I was looking at princesses.

  4. Oh my -- you have a beautiful family! Looks like a really lovely and special day! Congrats!


  5. So beautiful Sharon! You have the most gorgeous girls ever. You can see from your face in the photos the love that shines for them all.

  6. So sweet! I love seeing all the sisters together. Makes me so happy that my girls will have a sister. I only had 2 stinky brothers!!

  7. I love seeing the sisters together too! Your Rosemary might just be the most adorable young lady I've ever seen! I always think that - but never say it - sorry, I had to today!! LOVE her eyes!! Pretty, pretty girl!

    All your girls are gorgeous though :)

  8. so, so, gorgeous! You all look stunning.


  9. Everyone looked soooo beautiful -- the bigs, the littles and the mother of the bride! You will never forget how much fun it was having the wedding at your house! It was perfect!