Saturday, April 2, 2011

Family Photos from Prom Evening

Last Saturday while Amelia was getting ready,
SJ chose a princess dress to wear.
Amelia picked her and they looked in the mirror together~
SJ asked, "Don't we look beautiful?".
Oh yes!!! Very beautiful!!!

Wanted to share some photos taken of our family...

A beautiful time for everyone!


  1. Sharon,

    Amelia look stunning! And the colour of that dress is just wow. LOVE IT!

    Your family is beautiful and supportive.


    PS. Love your purse I have been eying that very style! I need details girlfriend!

  2. Amelia was a beauty queen for sure! I love the one of you with all your chicks! beauty runs in your family for sure!

  3. I know I have said it a hundred times, but you have the most adorable family ever! Your chicks are soooo beautiful and you can see the love you have for one another! What a fun night!

  4. I love Amelia's dress! - and she looks so grown up - and GORGEOUS!!!! It's fun to see the behind the scenes photos too!

    xo ellie