Sunday, April 3, 2011

Big Day!

Today was a Big Day for SJ~
On the way to church,
I asked her if she wanted to go to class with me
or class with Ms. Sheryl...
she said, "I want to go to class with my sister EllaKate".
She did and she stayed the whole time!!!
Had fun too! :)

I grabbed my camera when we got home
to record this amazing Big Day!!!

After lunch the bigs decided they were laying out
and guess who begged to go too???
Oh yes! the littles...
The water was SOOOOOO cold
but they played for over 2 hours!
Took pics of the bigs but none really turned out~
will try for more this week since they will ALL
be home for the whole week~ SPRING BREAK!!!

After a very exciting day,
it was time to unwind with one show before bed.
SO sweet!!!

The BEST feeling to have all the chicks in the nest tonight!!!


  1. Love the dresses and the cuddle pictures at the end. Can't wait to see a little brother in the mix!

  2. that is one fabulous day! Your little Miss is doing so well.


  3. What an exciting day for your sweet girl! Cute pictures of the littles. Enjoy your full nest this week!

  4. Such sweeties you have there my friend. I told Aron and Ann you would be here in about 4 months!

  5. Have a fun Spring Break! Beautiful weather for it!

    Yay for SJ going to EK's class! such a big step! I love the smocked dresses on the girls :)

    xo ellie

  6. Cute pics! They are precious!!

  7. What a great way to start your spring break. Looks like the littles are on their way to being "big girls" with their sunbathing-very cute!


  8. What ARE the chicks gonna do with Will!? They will love on him, so much!