Monday, March 21, 2011

Tomorrow... Dental Surgery

We have to be @ Egleston by 6am for an 8am surgery...
making it necessary for us to leave home @ 4am. :)

Please pray for this little one as she has dental surgery.
Really not sure what they will do until they are in there
but praying it all goes well and she is able to come home!!!

We had a pre op appt on Friday
and spent some time just playing around...
While we were there she asked me if we were getting her heart fixed.
I said no, we're getting your teeth fixed this time.

Tonight when we went for a walk,
I asked if she was ready to get her teeth fixed tomorrow
and she nodded her head.
What an amazing transformation she has made
over the last six months!!!
God has blessed BIG!!! )


  1. I'll be praying for little SJ in the morning and of course you too:)

  2. Wishing her all the best for a speedy recovery! Thinking of all of you!

  3. Praying for you and your baby girl. Every surgery is tough for moms!!

  4. oh that's early :( praying for a good surgery - Tia's back teeth got crowns and have been fine for the past year and a half!

    We'd be happy to go to that Little Zoo with you! It is pretty dinky though :)

    Praying for SJ's surgery!

    xo ellie

  5. Prayers for her and you! Hope the surgery and recovery are speedy!

  6. Text me and let me know how it's going! I remember having to be at the hospital that early. It's no fun. I'll be praying. She looks so stinkin' cute! :)


  7. Praying for you sweet baby girl! Its amazing how brave and resillent children are; They humble and amaze me! Praying for you as well Mama! I know sending a child for surgery, no matter how big or small, can tests a Mama's faith.:)


  8. She has come a long way... what a smart and brave little girl!! Praying that all goes perfectly well and for wisdom for the surgeons, and that they are simply a vessel God Himself is working through. She will be in good hands, I just know! Praying your precious SJ will be going home with her beautiful mama tomorrow, and that nothing unexpected pops up!


  9. You can tell how safe and secure she is. We will pray for you all.

  10. aw, the sweet little thing. Hoping that all goes well today!


  11. Praying! What a brave little girl!

  12. Wish she'll get over with the pain. She's to young to experience surgery. I'll pray for her. Oh, that's remind me of my very first surgery when I was a little kiddo. I was born with small noise holes so my mom decided that we should ask the help of Plastic Surgeon Los Angeles. I'm glad it was over now and I thank those nice surgeons who look after me.

  13. Praying for you guys today!!!!

  14. Prayers for SJ - my little has dental surgery scheduled for 4/28.

  15. You know I can relate to this Sharon!!! Praying she did great!!!!!!!


  16. Just saw your FB post. So glad everything went well and she is home relaxing.

    I have to tell you your girls always look so adorable in your skirts. Such pretty floral prints.

  17. That is so darling that ShayleeJoy asked if she was getting her heart fixed!

    I LOVE her pretty pink toenails and those gorgeous flip flops - Target?