Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Forever for Six Months

SJ has had Forever for six months now...
Forever loved,
Forever a daughter,
Forever a sister,
Forever a granddaughter,
Forever a niece,
Forever a friend,
Forever ShayleeJoy!

We had to run something to Baba this morning
so I took some time to have a mini photo shoot
right out in front of his office complex.
We also had a cardiologist appointment
and she received a GREAT report~
SO great, we don't have to go back for 3 months!!!

Milestones @ 6 months with a family...
~ Completely loves her home and rejoices when we turn back onto our street
~ Wakes up SO happy every morning
~ Eats most anything except sandwiches, mac and cheese, and cheese
~ Completely healthy
~ Very attached and secure with her family
~ Adores her EllaKate
~ Says she is a ballerina everyday and loves to dress up
~ Understands and communicates as if she has always spoken English
~ Still remembers Mandarin
~ Never whines or complains and rarely cries
~ Loves to be held and cuddled
~ Would rather read books over anything else
~ LOVES being outside
~ LOVES taking a bath
~Excited about going to China for her friend (brother)
~ Calls anyone close to her My Mom, My Baba, My EK, My sisters
~ Not completely sleeping through the night

We fall more and more in love with her everyday
and can't even start to imagine our lives without her!!!
SO very blessed to be Forever for her!
Our God is Greater!!!


  1. I don't even remember life before this precious blessing! I'm so thankful for her and so thankful we have her forever!!!!

  2. Beautiful pics but that first one of SJ warmed my heart. She has come so far. Rejoicing with you over a great doctors report.

  3. how sweet. those pics are adorable.

  4. Praising God for todays cardio report!!! Oh my goodness, have you ever seen cuter little legs??? I had to keep going back to that picture, her legs are so stinkin cute!! Mary

  5. Only six months? It seems like she has always been with you-probably because she was meant to be. Congratulations on the cardiology appointment!


  6. What a sweetheart!! So excited for a great report and a PA!!! WooHoo!!

  7. Can't believe it!! Sweet photos. I need to get my act together and do a post. How do you get so much done!?

  8. Her beautiful spirit and joy comes through in all your pics of her...what a dear little girl!!!

    So happy about her cardiac report...whoo hoo!!!

    Have always wanted to say that you dress her so adorably!

    Also...Will has been home with us 2.5 years and still remembers some Mandarin. Of course he only will speak it on 'his terms.' ;)



  9. Such a great report!!!!!!!!! HEALTHY! Praise God!


  10. Such a precious blessing!! Just love the pics:)

  11. I agree with Melody about the first picture! Is there someone who can speak with her to keep her Mandarin up? How wonderful it would be if she could keep her first language! And so many job opportunities for when she grows up!

  12. LOVE that first picture! She and EK are shining examples of LOVE! I think they are getting lots of it!

    Happy 6 months sweet girl! I cannot believe Tia has not met SJ yet! Maybe after the wedding?

    Love ya!

  13. Great pics! And oh my what a precious blessing :)

  14. Wonderful report! Such a sweet, precious girl! that SJ in your new header???

  15. They are so darling, especially in their matching outfits. I just love those chocolate sweaters.

  16. What beautiful girls! I love the vibrancy in the photos that really makes them beam through to my heart! Great job!

  17. Her happiness just shines thru in your beautiful pictures! What wonderful news to hear from her cardio dr! Thanks for sharing!

  18. Congrats on six happy months together! You are one blessed mama!

  19. Love those pictures... especially the top one! Her expression is priceless.
    So happy to hear the good report from the cardiologist.

  20. Congratulations on having her 6 mths now, hard to believe! She is the sweetest thing ever and I love the pics of her with EK!

  21. I am so glad that God has blessed you with 6 months already of ShayleeJoy! You have been through so much in this short amount of time! And she already looks like she has been loved FOREVER! What a beautiful blessing.

    p.s. I am thinking about JOY as a midlde name. I cant get over how much JOY i find in it :)

  22. I have loved watching SJ blossom under your care. I remember how sad she looked in the orphanage pictures and on her gotcha day. I so admired you when you accepted her initial grief, saying that you were confident in your skills as a mother.

    She is such an dear child who seems very observant. I love how she is so attached to her Ella; laughs when Josh reads to her; and calls you "my mom." Can't wait to see what another six months brings!