Thursday, March 3, 2011

Best Dressed...

I stopped by Gap outlet yesterday
to take advantage of their 40% off kids clothing.
Just couldn't resist picking up a few things for little Will.
Above the boys' clothes was a photo of a little Asian boy
and EK asked if that was what Will would look like.
I thought it was the sweetest thought!!!
I said... "Way cuter!" She smiled big!

Wanna see what I picked out?

Blue button down with khaki cargo shorts...

T shirt with madras shorts...

Cap, Belt, and Flip flops...

Scott was so funny when I told him what I had gotten~
"He's not even here yet... when's he going to wear it?" :)
When we go to China to get him!!! Yeah!!!

It was SO fun to buy some things for him
and dream of a precious little boy hanging out with us girls.
And IF you need a refresher on that precious little face~
take a look at this...
OH how I love him already!!!

Psalm 127: 3
Sons are a heritage from the LORD, children a reward from Him.


  1. He will be one handsome little guy! :)

  2. I can just see him in those clothes with his hair spiked up (maybe you won't have it short, but that is what I picture!)! How fun to shop for a boy after 5 girls!

  3. I can just feel your excitement. I love those things. He will look so handsome next to your stylish little girls. Love that new pic of him!

  4. Oh you picked out such wonderful clothes! He's going to look adorable in them. I love that EK wanted to know if her brother looked like the boy in the photo. So cute!

  5. Love the GAP boys clothing you found, too fun! Enjoy outfitting your new little guy, how adorable he is!

    Don't forget the lego, we have a mechanical engineer b/c our son played lego 24/7, he told me that! But then our girls love it too!

  6. OK, I will try really hard not to be jealous that you get to buy boy clothes. :)

  7. cute outfits :) I love the blue button down and khakis !!!

  8. He is so stink' adorable. Just want to kiss all over those cheeks I'm sure!

  9. I'm not a shopper, but if it is gifts for loved ones or kids' clothes, look out! I keep a closet filled with children's clothing in both genders and multiple sizes. We waited three years for Aidan, had asked for either gender, so I had a ton of girls stuff left in every size from 2 to 6. This became a habit and I just continued buying clothes whenever there were end of season sales and stowing them away for when the grandchildren moved into that size. Came in handy when a family lost their house to a fire this winter-I had socks, underwear, dresses, winter coats, rain jackets, pjs, you name it!


  10. oh my word he is just too cute, can already imagine him in those cute little boy clothes!!

  11. super, super, cute! The clothes I mean.

    And, SUPER, SUPER, SUPER, SUPER CUTE, the boy they are for!


  12. So cute. The good thing is - you bought most of what is adorable for a boy lol. I did LOVE putting those little gap hats on our boys - and I loved overalls on my boys (are those in style anymore?) awwww. you are making me miss having a little boy!

    Have fun - after 21 or 22 years of girls you deserve to do some BOY shopping!

    xo ellie

  13. He's so cute! And how fun to be picking out cute boy stuff! So happy for you!

  14. Love, love, love it! I bought the very same hat for Jackson and he wore it when we went to Romania to get him. Can't wait to see Will in his stylin' new clothes!


  15. Sharon,
    I know you must of had a blast buying clothes for your little angel. Its fun to dress up those handsome boys.You're going to have a blast with a little man in the house.

    Oh yeah,I haven't showed Madison her e-mail yet..super busy day! So sweet of you to e-mail her. I love you!! I am so so very excited for your family!

  16. He will be one dapper looking dude! You must be having a blast in the boy department. I know that after 2 boys and then having a girl I was over the moon to buy some pink!

    I love that picture of your sweet Will! Can't wait to follow your family to China.


  17. How funny for you to be buying boy clothes after all this time!! They are so easy!!

    He is just precious!!

  18. Such cute stuff!! Max got that same belt from Marcia quite awhile back. :>) How fun!

  19. I love the way that EllaKate is thinking!!

    LOVE the stuff you picked out for Will! I wish I had some measurements/idea of what to get. i cant WAIT to pick up at least SOMETHING so it feels real!!

  20. First of all congratulations on "expecting" again!! I love his name and the meaning behind it! He is as cute as God makes 'em! :)
    He WILL provide everything you need to get to Will.
    We used BAAS to adopt Elaina. We have been home for 4 months.

  21. Definitely way cuter! So glad to see your joy.