Sunday, March 20, 2011

Around the House Shower

Savannah was given an Around the House shower

I am amazed the wedding is only seven weeks away~
our beautiful Savannah will marry her best friend.

Savannah and her future mother-in-law, Barbara

Jennifer has two precious boys from Ukraine
and they along with our littles will be in the wedding together. :)

Jennifer had everything fixed so beautifully!

Silly photo of the littles~ all they wanted to do was eat. :)

Savannah once again received SO many wonderful things
for her home~

A really sweet day with sweet people!!!
Thank you SO much Jennifer!


  1. What a special day for your beautiful daughter! Our bridal shower is something we never forget. Great memories during such an exciting time!

    You are planning a wedding AND a fundraiser at the same time? That makes me tired... :)

    Love and blessings,

  2. Looks like a nice array of yummy shower food! So glad you are having such a lovely time getting ready for the day.


  3. I assume you were able to get some rest since you've posted more pictures. Glad it was a good day-such an exciting time of life for Savannah and for you!


  4. What a beautiful shower, Shay! You captured it so well. Can't believe the wedding is only in 7 weeks, Savannah must be so happy/excited!


  5. You do realize, that with ALL you have going on, you will blink your eyes and you'll be meeting Will...

  6. Looks like a wonderful shower - yummy food! I can't believe how close the time is getting!