Friday, February 25, 2011

Our First Tennis Match

Both A&R are playing on the high school tennis team this year.
That makes life on the road much simpler!!!
We traveled to Jefferson yesterday
and I was able to see my sweet teacher/adoptive friend Sara!!!
Love you Sara!

Amelia played first doubles with Sarah
and they won in the third set. Yeah!

Everyone was there for the match except S~
who came home sick yesterday and has strep. :(

The Supportive Dad!

Happy EK!

and SJ!

Sweet Littles~

Enjoying their snack~

R waiting for her match~

Rosie played in Doubles Exhibition with Lauren~

They won too!

We were there about four hours
and by the end,
SJ was saying~
I really want to go to my room.
SO tired.
Needless to say when we finally made it home,
(and a bath!!!)
she and EK were gone in a minute.

A great start to our tennis season~
win #1 for Hart!!!


  1. Congratulations on the win! Seeing the picnic and hearing about SJ's comment reminds me of all the years we sat on bleachers watching basketball with our son-it was a year-round thing with him. His little sister would beg to stay home.


  2. I had no idea it lasted that long! So great to see you and to meet SJ!

  3. fantastic! Still feeling a little jealous of your weather!


  4. I was admiring all the SWEET big ruffled pants and darling skirts your girls are wearing. And then I realized YOU made them! Wish I was so talented!

    Yay for the tennis win!
    Boo to strep!