Thursday, February 24, 2011

Joy to Love~ Where

When I thought about this assignment,
all I could think of was home.
Scott and I have come full circle with our Where...
for you see~
we both grew up in this same small town,
went to the same church,
graduated from the same high school,
went away to school,
married each other in our same church,
lived away for 20-25 years,
and moved back to raise our family near both our families!

I took this photo of our Where today~
Cross Roads Baptist Church...
where we both came to church pretty much every time the doors opened,
where we both gave our hearts to Christ,
where we left for the very first time for our first date
(Christmas party),
where we both were married to each other,
and where we both go to church now.

Our Gilgal :)