Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What They Do~ Joy of Love

As I continue on my Project Life 365,
I am taking part in an amazing class, Joy to Love,
for the month of February.
(It's not to late to join!)

Today's promt was~ what they DO...
Introducing my precious husband and what he DOES.

We are SO very blessed that he drives an hour and a half one way every day
to work so we are afforded all the things we need as a family.
Never does he ever complain
that he has to get up @ 3:50 when he rides in his carpool
that he has to drive alone the other days.

the thing I want to highlight in this post about him is...

when he gets home at night~
he lights up a house full of girls
in the same good mood he is always in.

We couldn't be more blessed to love and be loved
by this amazing man!!!
I count him as the Joy of Love in my life!!!


  1. What a sweet post! He sounds like a fabulous husband and daddy too!

  2. Beautiful Sharon! So glad you're joining in on the Joy of Love too.

  3. Beautiful image!!! What a wonderful husband and daddy he is!!

    I'm also doing the same 'joy of love' project, don't think I'll get one picture a day, it'll be a few each week.


  4. Wow! What an incredible sacrifice he makes to keep his family well! I wish him and early and comfy retirement.

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. I am so happy every time I click on your post and read a new one. I love learning about your beautiful, blessed family. What a wonderful husband to sacrifice so much time traveling! I only commute 40 minutes each way and it gets old real quick. I will try to remember his commute the next time I want to gripe. ;) I know you have stated you are a teacher, what kind of work is your husband in?

  6. I love seeing your hubby at what he does best! Bring exactly what God called him to be!

    LOVE Sj's crazy hair in this picture!

  7. What a blessing!

    Sharon, please know that your positive, loving, Godly attitude is so inspiring to me. :)

    Love and blessings,