Friday, January 21, 2011

Week 3~ Project Life & Cabinet Reveal

Week 3 has been an emotional and kind of slow week~
with the news of SJ's upcoming procedure
and just being home doing school with the littles...
I was able to capture a few moments with my camera.

Finally after a week or so
of going through tons of boxes from school~
the Home School cabinet is organized and stocked.
I LOVE that my stuff is in the house garage now
and I even emptied and moved a filing cabinet over
to hold all my files too.
Thanks to my sweet husband who never rolls his eyes
when I start some big project...
he knows I am going to tackle it no matter what
and it WILL get done with his help!

Looking forward to a great weekend
with all the chicks in the nest and Josh too!


  1. Hooray for helpful husbands. Mine is helpful too! Your new organized space looks great!

  2. We just had pizza out with all of ours. It is so great, even when they're grown and growing (in-laws, children of their own) to spend time with all of them at once. Enjoy!


  3. Just now checking and and catching up. I just read the post about SJ's procedure. I am praying for all of you sweet friend and my God will meet all your needs.(Philippians 4:19)


  4. You are the school organization queen! I learned so much about organizing a classroom from you! I'm also jealous at how clean you guys keep your garages. One day I will have a clean garage, too. :)

  5. The cabinet looks amazing! Please come over!!