Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sweet Saturday...

Complete Sweetness!!!


  1. I love how I just wanted to see Jing smile sooo bad when you would post pics of her in China and now she is sooo smiley!

  2. I came over from somewhere in the sun after seeing your names...I'm Sharon too and have Bailey. Just telling my husband I prefer shay! haha. Your daughters are gorgeous and LOVE all their pretty dresses. So glad shaylee is better.

    Pretty pretty fabric. ..can you do an ipad cover like a kindle book cover, soft on the inside with a protective cardboard inside fabric?? I love number pressure though! Lilly Pulitzer's are due out 3/31 but it feels like a long wait!! At least they are a great price.

    I will have to go look at m,ore of your lovely blog!!

  3. Fun to see Sharon over here ;) if you do the iPad covers, let me know!

    Beautiful picture of the Littles!

  4. That is Complete Sweetness!!

  5. AdOrAbLe little girls!! We have been praying lots for Miss Shaylee. Please keep everyone updated with her progress!! With Love...