Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Fun Day~ Black & White Wednesday

Stop by The Long Road to China for more B&W Wed!

Today was a day all moms look forward to...
seeing their daughters happy and excited!

The girls and I

went to...

to meet Amelia, Sarah, and Cyrise

to try on beautiful prom dresses and admire sparkly shoes.

Are thinking what I'm thinking???
A pair of twins...

LOVED every minute of this Fun Day~
and look so forward to seeing these two gorgeous girls
all dressed up and ready for THEIR Senior Prom
on March 26, 2011!!!


  1. that sounds like SO much fun! and yes, they look like a pair/set of twins!

    can't wait to see the girls in their Senior Prom finery!!!

  2. Adorable!! And so much fun!! I miss the days of choosing and trying on pageant and prom dresses!

  3. How fun Sharon! Your house is so girley which I love. Looking forward to seeing them all dressed and ready for their prom!!!

  4. How exciting to dream about such an amazing time in a young girl's life! :)

    Gorgeous girls!

    Love and blessings,

  5. What a FUN FUN DAY for you and the girls!! I can't wait for prom pictures:)

    Have a wonderful weekend Sharon~



  6. Looks like fun!! Can't wait to see them all dressed up for their senior prom!