Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Doctor is In

EK has not been well all week
and finally today after developing a fever
to accompany the sneezing, sore throat, croup, and coughing,

we called...

One of the sweetest people we know
and just happens to be our pediatrician.
We have taken all the girls to her for 21 years now
and she is truly one of my sweetest friends!!!~
that's one of the reasons
we drive about an hour and 45 min one way to see her.
I can't let her go...
she knows and loves my children just like her own.

She cleans their ears every time we go...

and makes SJ feel so safe and secure.

She even let's the girls play with her real dr tools.

And we both think SJ
will grow up to be a doctor too! :)

EK was diagnosed with major bronchitis~
borderline pneumonia...
and advised to steer clear of church and other times
when we would be around lots of other children
as we wait for SJ's cath in February.
It is critical we keep her well!!!
I think we can handle that. :)

We love you Dr. Morgan and your whole staff!!!


  1. Such a comfort to have a pediatrician you trust so much AND whom your kids don't mind visiting. Great pictures of the girls; EK is beautiful even when she isn't feeling well. Just got over a nasty bout with bronchitis myself. It was miserable, and I'm an adult, so I hope little EK is on the mend soon. Will pray that SJ stays healthy in the meantime.

  2. I'm sorry to hear that EK hasn't been feeling well, and hope she recovers soon. Having a doctor you trust is priceless-we've been going to the same GP since January 1983 and won't change until he retires. Love the pictures! Looks like someone needs a doctor's kit to start her practice at home.


  3. These are such priceless photos. SO sorry EK is under the weather...but I know in such caring hands she will be well in no time. Take care of those sweet girls!

  4. Poor EK :( I hope she is better soon - amazing that she looks so beautiful even so sick!

    I hope you find some fun things to do while you are home!

    praying for SJ's upcoming cath.

    xo ellie
    ps beautiful photos!!!

  5. Great pictures Shay!! I love the one where EK has her face all scrunched up. Poor girl. Hope she is feeling better soon! Our ped. lets my middles play with her things too! It makes me a nervous wreck! Dr. visits are always an adventure for me. It is not unusual for me to have all four of them in a room with the Dr. and me. It gets quite crowded and my nerves are shot be the end, but it doesn't even phase our doc. So, thankful for her, too!

  6. So sorry they are sick. They are even dressed perfectly when they are sick? Impressive. :)

    Your doctor looks so wonderful.

    Hope everyone feels better soon.

  7. Poor babies! It is hard when the little ones are sick. That picture of EK crying broke my heart! Maybe on a normal day she is fine but that was just not her day. Poor little thing!

    The pictures of Jing Jing always crack me up!! She has the cutest looks and smiles. I LOVE the one of her looking through the eye.ear tool. AWESOME shot!!! Her other eye is a hoot!!

    Take care and get lots of rest!!!

  8. Oh my gosh...your ped is amazng! I don't blame you one bit for traveling the distance to see her! Teat pictures of the girls and hope everyone gets to feeling better soon!!

  9. Great pictures of the girls, not "teat" pictures. What are those? Hahaha.

  10. The poor little thing! I hope she is feeling better soon! Cute pictures with the doctor!

  11. Awww, that first picture makes me want to hug EK!!!