Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011: A Fresh Start~ Embrace

A new year.
A new decade.
A new beginning.

Ali Edwards chooses one word in January for the year ahead that gives her something to focus on and work toward.

I have been thinking of my 2010 year~ all the things that happened good and bad. Much more good than bad and thought of what I would like to work on in 2011...

Three words kept coming up in my mind~

And then I saw a word that made my heart leap~
What a beautiful word.

I began to think that is exactly what I will need to work on this year as I watch...
Savannah graduate college and get married,
Amelia graduate high school and move away to school,
Rosemary become the only big still at home,
Scott and I celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary,
EllaKate start to K (here at home),
and ShayleeJoy continue to bloom in her forever family.

I have to embrace these amazing changes instead of dreading them. Time passes and with it comes change. I have to take myself back to those times in my life and remember how happy and ready I was to embrace them. I have to let the girls live their lives just like I did and what a beautiful life it has become!

So my word for 2011 will be

and I am planning to use the other three words as goals for the year...

Jan-April: Embrace Health~
work on getting healthy for all the big events coming in May!

May-August: Embrace Focus~
Focus on the events at hand and make them the most special ever!

September-December: Embrace Simplicity~
Simply live life as it is day by day!

And in the end...
we will still be a family, a very happy and loving family, always looking forward to the times we are together and being only a call or text away when we're not.

Embracing our new life and all it encompasses.

AND... I think I will start one of these...

AND... I am starting EK and Jing's Lifebooks using this fabulous website!!!

So what will your word be?
Let's share and encourage each other to have the best 2011 we possibly can!!!
Embrace me by leaving a comment!!!

Psalm 65:11
You crown the year with Your good blessings, and You leave abundance in Your wake.


  1. I love it! Now I need to spend the next hour and a half thinking of my word for the year. I know Jesus is my resolution, getting closer to Him and teaching our family to put Him first.

    Happy New Year!

  2. OMGoodness Sharon... can I just DITTO your's!?! I absolutely love EVERYTHING about this post! From your reflection of the blessings that 2010 held, to your FOCUS on what 2011 has in store!

    Seriously, my heart is to grow in the Lord, and set a better spiritual example for all of my children. "Less of Me, and MORE of Him!"

    To take control of my health. Because "I can do ALL THINGS through Christ who gives me strength" and because my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, so I want to be a good steward.

    To organize and FOCUS on some things in my life that need attention. To SIMPLIFY and enjoy the blessings that already surround me, without taking on too many new things (unless the Lord leads me!)

    ...And to EMBRACE them all! I can't think of a better word for me either!

    God bless you and your BEAUTIFUL family in the New Year... looks like some WONDERFUL life moments are in store! And thank you for the great links, too! <><

    Blessings and Hugs,
    ~ Tanya

  3. What a Beautiful and touching post. I will have to put some thought into my word for 2011. Blessings to you and your wonderful family as you start the new year.

  4. I love this. You have alot to look forward to in the coming year!

    If I had to pick a word now, it would probably be "peace". I am bracing for the government agencies and frustrations that come with "the wait". However, "peaceful" doesn't exactly describe our life over here most of the time ;)

    Happy New Year!

  5. What a beautiful post. I think my word would be Trust. I need to surrender to God more and cast my cares on him. I feel like the Isrealites. I have seen God do miracle after miracle and still waiver.

  6. Beautifully said sweet friend.

    Blessings to you all in 2011!!!!


  7. Beautiful post. Our family will EMBRACE a precious baby girl from China in the next month or so. I really enjoy your blogging. You can visit our blog at Happy New Year!

  8. What a beautiful post. I love that you are EMBRACING life in this way. Happy New Year - may 2011 be a year filled with wholehearted acceptance. My word is actually a verse - Psalm 37:7 "Be still in the presence of the Lord and wait for Him to act." These last few months waiting for our referral, and knowing the attachment journey can often be slow... it's a good one for me to embrace this year.

  9. I love this post... wonderfully said. I too plan to embrace 2011 and be joyful in all that God has given me. He has blessed me with good health and I plan to use this next year to show how thankful I am for that blessing.
    Happy New Year!

  10. You are such an inspiration to me. As a mother, wife and person all together. We have never met but I came across your story while you were still trying to bring Jing home, and I have been following your blog ever since! You seem like such an amazing person, and I promise I could think of a million questions to ask you, about being a mother( I am a young mother to two:) ) and just the generous person that you come across as:) It always seems as though God has you type the exact things that I need to read. Gives me chills sometimes!! I hope all the best to you and your family in the coming year!!

  11. I love this post! I know 2011 is going to be a great year for you and your family! Enjoy embracing every moment!

  12. This is a lovely, thoughtful post. I think it is so important to live mindfully. Goal setting is a powerful tool for achievement.

    I thought of you today when I read that Queen Elizabeth of England has a new great grandchild named... Savannah! Baby Savannah is the daughter of Princess Anne's son, Peter Phillips and was born on December 29, 2010.

  13. Enjoyed your post! And yes, you are going to have a lot to EMBRACE this year! How exciting!