Friday, December 31, 2010

Jing's First Haircut

EK was due for a haircut today
so I decided I would get Jing's trimmed too.
EK loves Ms. Karen and always hops right up for her cut.
Jing watched her intently
and when it was her turn, she jumped right up as well.

We are working her into a cute little bob. :)

We are completely ready for 2011!
Happy New Year to everyone~
we pray blessings and joy for each of you!!!


  1. Love EllaKate's hair. She is such a beauty!

    Jing is lucky to have a big sister to follow. So funny that JingJing now smiles on one side when asked to pose for pictures!

  2. I didn't actually think that Jing had enough hair to warrant a haircut so when I saw the title of the post, I have to admit I was curious. Can't say that I see a change, but she sure looked like she enjoyed it :-)


  3. Happy New Year to the Ankerich family!

  4. I just got a Canon Eos Rebel T1I and I'm clueless on photography. Can you recommend any good teaching sites? Also how do you make those great photo collages on your blog? I'm such a newbie :)

  5. You didn't do it!! It's a bit nerve wracking, isn't it - to imagine cutting that beautiful hair!? Both girls are darling!

    Happy new year! It's 2011 Where you are right now!

  6. I love Jing's "serious face" it makes me laugh every time I see it now (I hope that doesnt sound wrong). At first, I used to beg to see her precious smile, and now that we see it so often, I smile when she doesnt because you can just tell she is taking it all in. The half smile is just priceless... She seems to be a good sport about everything. She sure is lucky to have EK show her the way :)

  7. She looks adorable :) I love the little "looks" whe gives you . . . precious!

    EK's hair is so long! I just had Tia's cut and it looks better.

    Happy New Year to all of you!!