Monday, December 27, 2010

My New Camera

I love my new camera (Christmas gift)~
Nikon D7000!
No~ I didn't need it...
No~ my old one wasn't broken...
My new one is Sweet!!!
And Savannah inherited my Canon~
she TOO is in love with her's!!!
The Nikon takes amazing images and~
HD video!
One camera to do both jobs.

I had only read my manual about video
but decided to give it a whirl on Christmas morning~
not saying I did that great because there are various modes
BUT so thankful I captured this precious moment. :)
Look forward to learning more
and improving my photog in 2011! :)


  1. Cool! The video quality is great! Can't wait to upgrade so I can get a 50mm lens. Or maybe even a 24mm-the photographer who took Asher's Celebrate Adoption pics used a 24mm and they were great! Can't wait to see what you capture!

  2. i think you did a great job! this is the one reason i really want a new camera! i think the Canon ti even has video? and i REALLY want a 50mm lens ;) Hmm..probably not going to happen in 2011 :-)

  3. I was thinking of getting one. It looks awesome

  4. How wonderful to capture such sweet videos! My little one watched this with me and has informed me that she needs a jewelry box like that. So, where did you find that? It is so pretty! Thanks!