Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Just Hanging Out

Today was a great day of just hanging out.
Although three of us went to the dentist
and two had to get physicals for tennis...
great thing about living in town~
close to everything and only about 5 minutes away. :)

Jing LOVES to ride in the golf cart
and it didn't matter to her that it was bitter cold
and snow was still all over our yard.
She still wanted to ride
so we bundled her and EK up...
and they headed out. :)

One of the best things about Christmas
is having ALL the girls home around our table!!!

After a delicious poppyseed chicken dinner,
we had a Wii Just Dance contest including all 7 of us.

The big girls have all had Nintendo DS Lites
and Rosie found her's this week and gave it to EK~
she now LOVES playing Nintendogs. :)

Jing started the dancing scene
watching shyly from the sofa but wasn't long before
she was up dancing like the big girls. :)
Video of her dancing away. :)

A little rest was needed after all the dancing
and EK sat down on Jing...
Jing yelled~ "Picture Mama!"
I was HAPPY to grab my camera for her. :)
Just one of those perfect hanging out at home days!!!


  1. Loved today!!! Jing is the cutest thing in the ENTIRE world!!!

  2. Gotta love those hangin out days!!! Jing is adorable!! love her dancing...

  3. Great pictures and video! LiLi got that Dance 2 for Christmas and we have been having soooo much fun with it! She was dancing to It's Raining Men this morning. I like how they bleeped out most of the bad words so LiLi can still listen. I think I am hearing that song in my sleep now.

    Have a great day!!!

  4. Oh- there are no bad words in It's Raining Men but there are lots there were bleeped out of Girlfriend. Great song but not for little ears. I am glad Just Dance bleeped the words out.

  5. Aidan loves his Nintendo DS! His big sister is going to show him how to use her old Nintendo-the original-and his second sister has already introduced him to all of her old stuff.

    Love the Wii video and Christmas morning-she's adorable, and I love Dan Fogelberg too :-)

    Happy New Year,

  6. A and A are hooked on S and L's old Nintendo DSs! they are GREAT for long car rides!

  7. Those fluffy coats & hats...Sooo Cute!

  8. I just wanted to leave a note saying "hello" I stumbled across your blog a couple months ago, and have certainly enjoyed each of your posts! Your family has some wonderful family traditions and you have inspired ours!


  9. That video was SOOOO cute of Jing dancing, we loved it!!!